to the homepage of the Examinations Office.

The Examinations Office is one of the operational arms of the Academic Support and Examinations Section of the Registry. The major functions of this Office are: (i) to look after matters related to undergraduate and taught postgraduate degree examinations; and (ii) to allocate centrally-timetabled classrooms to the University's internal units for their academic and non-academic activities. Bookings from outside organisations for the use of the University's centrally-timetabled classrooms will also be considered by the Office on a case-by-case basis.

Students taking university examinations are strongly advised to read through the various relevant sections on this web site carefully and to make hard copies of their own examination schedule when the timetables are ready. It is also important for students to visit this web site regularly after the publication of the examination timetables for any possible amendments that may affect their examination schedule.

Before attending any examinations, students are also urged to get familiar with the arrangements on the postponement of examinations during bad weather conditions as well as the examination regulations. It should be noted in particular that admission to examination will only be allowed during the first half of the examination. That is, for a 2-hour paper, late admission after the first hour will not be permitted.